20 Ways to fix “Audio Not Working”, “No Audio” issues on Microsoft Teams

Make sure the microphone has power, is turned up, and correctly connected to the computer. PC mic not working is one of the most common issues you may encounter while using a computer. If you search Why is my mic not working in Google Chrome or another web browser, you’ll get hundreds of millions of results within a second.

  • If using an external mic, examine the connecting cable, or check your Bluetooth settings using a wireless mic.
  • If you can’t get the app to work, it might be time to replace it with a similar one that does.
  • If it does, you can close this tab and get back to your work call as the Microphone is no longer dead in Teams.
  • You may need to take the laptop to a professional if you lack the necessary tools to open it up yourself.

See if the headphone icon is appearing anywhere on your phone’s screen. Check the Sound Settings and Clean out the microphone. Voice typing has become more and more popular as more and more people acquire smear phones. It is also true that more and more people are experiencing problems with their Samsung phone microphone button missing.

Microphone Not working on Teams: General tips to follow

If your microphone driver is bad or out of date, it will prevent your microphone from working correctly. Make sure to restart your computer after installing a new driver or replacing your driver, as it won’t take full effect until after a restart. This automated troubleshooter checks and fixes a lot of issues with both sound playback and recording, so it may be able to fix Sound Test – Check Your Speakers With Our Online Tool your microphone problem. Allow it to completely run its course, and then check to see if your microphone works. Click Microphone privacy settings. In Windows 10, make sure Allow apps to access your microphone is set to On.

The ability to turn off auto-adjusting for microphones when using Teams has been a much-requested feature inside Microsoft Teams UserVoice. Users have been anticipating the feature in this a UserVoiceever since it was created back in August 2019 and has until now received 2,262 votes and counting. This will allow Apps that you add as tabs in Teams to access the Microphone on your computer. Make sure your Camera is selected or available for selection in Microsoft Teams.


If the problem is not resolved after applying the above-mentioned issue, there might be a default recording device problem that is not allowing others to hear you. Hence, you have enabled your microphone for your laptop and you can also personalize this access for all apps. That means you can deny microphone access to a single app if you want. First of all, what you need to check is that is your microphone enabled for use on your laptop and with-in apps.

HP recommends selecting both the Important and the Recommended updates. If there are any available updates, they begin automatically. Locate the correct computer port for your microphone. Using an adapter for jacks not compatible with HP computers might affect audio quality. This does not mean that your computer has a problem.

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